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Exgis Expense receives Orange Compatible Endorsement

July 29, 2008

Exgis Inc announced today that their Exgis Expense product has passed compatibility testing with Orange and is now certified through their carrier network.

Orange Compatible is a 'seal of approval' (endorsement) which comprises the Orange Compatible mark and endorsement.

The use of the mark and worded endorsement alongside a third-party application, content or solution ('product') shows to the outside world that Orange believes that the product functions properly on the Orange network

Exgis Expense is now available for sale within the Application Shop with Orange UK.

Orange is a global mobile network operator with over 100 million customers on 5 continents.

Exgis Expense is an easy-to-use software application that lets you and your team track your expenses in just seconds, as soon as they’re incurred. So time spent filling out expense reports can be directed to more profitable pursuits.

Exgis Inc. showcases expense management at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium

May 16, 2008

Exgis Inc. announces that it had a tremendous event at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES) held May 13-15 in Orlando, Florida.

As a sponsor of the event, Exgis was able to showcase its expense management solution for the BlackBerry smartphone with the theme of Track Your Expenses On-the-Go.

WES is the must-attend conference for BlackBerry enthusiasts and the place to fully appreciate where wireless technology can take you and your business. With the continued growth of BlackBerry in the smartphone marketplace, Exgis continues to grow with their unique business solutions for the mobile professional.

For a demonstration of how Exgis Expense can help your business, contact us at through our website at www.exgis.com.

Exgis Expense announces integration with Intuit QuickBooks

March 24, 2008

Exgis Inc. today released its latest version of Exgis® Expense which provides integration with Intuit® QuickBooks®. Now expenses entered on a BlackBerry smartphone while the employee is on the road can be easily transferred by the finance group into QuickBooks for accounting purposes.

QuickBooks is the most commonly used small-business accounting and financial management software in the US. Small businesses use QuickBooks for most financially-related business processes, from entering sales receipts, tracking expenses, preparing and sending invoices, sales tax tracking and payment, preparation of basic financial statements and reports, and inventory management.

Sarah Martin, Sales Manager at Exgis Inc., discusses the benefits that QuickBooks integration brings to users of Exgis Expense. “Many users of Exgis Expense are small businesses that do not have the need for larger backend systems in use at Enterprise customers. For them, having an easy ability to transfer expenses from all users in their company into QuickBooks is a huge timesaver. Historically these transactions would be entered manually by a Finance person in QuickBooks. Now that effort is completely removed with Exgis Expense QuickBooks integration. With a single process, expenses are seamlessly and easily transferred into QuickBooks in a few seconds.”

Exgis Expense utilizes the Intuit QuickBooks Web Connector to transfer finalized expense claims from Exgis Expense into QuickBooks. A centralized finance person within the company can, with a few mouse clicks, transfer expenses from all employees within a company into QuickBooks with the entire process taking only a few seconds.

For attendees at WES 2008, Exgis Inc. will be demonstrating the new QuickBooks integration feature. Be sure to stop by the Exgis booth on the showroom floor for a demonstration and see how Exgis provides an extraordinary business solution for a mobile world.

Exgis Expense completes AT&T certification process

February 28, 2008

Exgis Inc announced today that it has completed the AT&T certification process for Exgis® Expense on the BlackBerry® smartphone.

“Working with AT&T to complete their certification process was an important milestone for us” says Mark Wilson, President at Exgis Inc. “AT&T is one of the largest BlackBerry carriers in the world, and to have their stamp of approval for Exgis Expense shows that we provide our customers not only a great mobile application for the BlackBerry but also a world class business solution.”

AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) is the largest provider of both local and long distance telephone services, wireless service, and DSL Internet access in the United States.

Exgis Expense is an easy-to-use software application that lets you and your team track your expenses in just seconds, as soon as they’re incurred. So time spent filling out expense reports can be directed to more profitable pursuits.

Exgis participates with TELUS in customer events

February 22, 2008

February was an exciting month for Exgis® as they participated in several TELUS customer events in the Toronto area. These events provided an opportunity for TELUS customers in the professional service industries to see the benefits of the BlackBerry® platform and how Exgis utilizes the power of the BlackBerry to allow their customers to Track Their Expenses On-the-Go.

TELUS, one of Canada's leading telecommunication companies, provides a full range of communications products and services for Canadians at home, in their workplace, and on the move. Telephone, Internet, IP, wireless and data solutions.

Exgis Expense is an online tool that provides a fast, reliable, and secure method to enter expenses. Combined with a world class BlackBerry smartphone client, expenses can now be submitted from literally anywhere in the world.

Research in Motion features Exgis Expense in BlackBerry Connection® Newsletter

January 10, 2008

Exgis Expense was the feature article in the recent BlackBerry Connection newsletter with the headline of Track Your Expenses On-the-Go.

The article features Dennis Hancock, the VP of Sales ZENN Motor Company, as he describes how Exgis Expense frees him from the chore of laboriously filling out expense reports.

“It’s a necessary evil in every company” is how Hancock describes the process of compiling his expenses. “However, with Exgis Expense I expect to save 20 to 30 minutes each time I prepare an expense report, which I do every two weeks”.

Mark Wilson, President of Exgis, is also featured in the article as he describes the benefits that Exgis Expense brings to the business traveler in leveraging little gaps of time throughout the day to boost productivity. “Say you step out of a taxi and walk into an office tower on your way to a meeting. While standing in the elevator, you can record that taxi expense on your BlackBerry smartphone in about 10 seconds.”

Click here to see the BlackBerry Connection article.

Taking the example from Hancock, the return on investment is evident every time an employee saves 20 to 30 minutes of administrative time per claim statement completed. It really does make sense to Track Your Expenses On-the-Go.

Exgis Expense highlighted in RIM Analyst Webcast

November 30, 2007

Exgis Inc was invited to participate in the recent Research In Motion (RIM) webcast held on November 28, 2007 for industry analysts. The focus of the analyst webcast was to explore the utilization of the BlackBerry® smartphone as a platform. Exgis® Expense was highlighted as the solution which utilizes the BlackBerry platform for mobile expense management, with particular focus on the professional services industry.

Mark Wilson, President of Exgis, presented the Exgis Expense solution during the webcast. With 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, Mark is well positioned to discuss how best to leverage the BlackBerry as a platform for mobile business applications.

“Professional Firms are highly focused on maximizing chargeable time while at the same time reducing administrative overhead”, said Wilson. “As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, the BlackBerry has become the communication device of choice in the Professional Firm industry. Extending the BlackBerry platform to include applications for streamlining back office processes, such as expense capture, greatly reduces administrative time. For Professional Firms, that is an instant win.”

Click here to see the analyst presentation.

Wilson added, “It’s all about making use of those small moments of downtime. For example, 10 seconds to capture a taxi expense on a BlackBerry while riding the elevator to a client meeting is a significant time saving compared to capturing that same expense weeks later while in the office. Over the course of a single business trip, entering expenses on-the-fly add up to significant cost savings in reduced administrative time.”

Users of Exgis Expense report an average savings of 25-30 minutes of administrative time per claim statement completed, with an overall improved billing cycle each month. Compare that return on investment to the minimal investment in Exgis Expense at $10 USD a month, and the savings are substantial.

Exgis Expense featured in BlackBerry Business and Industry Solutions

October 24, 2007
Toronto, Canada – Exgis Inc., maker of Exgis® Expense, the premier online expense management system, has been featured as a key solution for Professional Services Firms by Research In Motion (RIM).

Click here to view the legal campaign
Click here to view the accounting campaign

Exgis Expense is an online tool that provides a fast, reliable, and secure method to enter expenses. Combined with a world class BlackBerry smartphone client, expenses can now be submitted from literally anywhere in the world.

Sarah Martin, Sales Director at Exgis Inc. said Exgis Expense is a natural fit for the accounting and legal professions. “The business professional is constantly on the move – away from the office, or on site at a client engagement. Exgis Expense allows them to submit their expenses in a timely manner, speeding up turnaround time from completion of work to billing the client.”

Exgis Expense currently retails for $10 USD a month, and is available in both individual and SME editions.

Exgis Expense partners with XE.com

September 10, 2007

Toronto, Canada – Exgis Inc., maker of Exgis® Expense, the premier online expense management system, announces a shared agreement with XE.com, the most used currency site on the Internet to provide Exgis Expense users with 174 currency exchange rates on a daily basis.

Exgis Expense is an online tool that provides a fast, reliable, and secure method to enter expenses. The partnership with XE.com allows Exgis to expand their currency support for Exgis Expense to a worldwide level.

The daily currency exchange rates from XE.com enable users of Exgis Expense to submit their expenses from any country and currency, with full confidence that they will be accurately converted to their home currency for easy expense claim submission.

With all 174 currencies now available on Exgis Expense’s BlackBerry client, mobile users can now track their expenses when traveling to any country in the world.

Exgis Expense is currently available for $10 USD a month, and available in the Individual and SME edition.

Exgis Expense expands to the Asia-Pacific market

July 25, 2007

Toronto, Canada – Exgis Inc., maker of Exgis® Expense, the premier online expense management system announces their expansion into the Asia Pacific and is included in the latest Asia Pacific marketing campaign from Research In Motion (TSX:RIM).

Click here to view the Australian Campaign
Click here to view the Hong Kong Campaign
Click here to view the Singapore Campaign
Click here to view the India Campaign

Exgis® Expense is an online tool that provides a fast, reliable, and secure method to enter expenses. Combined with a world class BlackBerry smartphone client, expenses can now be submitted from literally anywhere in the world.

“We understand the dynamic and demanding pace of life of an executive in the Asia Pacific Region. With the BlackBerry mobile client, these executives can now save time by submitting their expenses wherever they go right from their BlackBerry smartphone.” said Mark Wilson, President of Exgis® Inc. “The addition of currencies from the Asia Pacific rim allow these executives to easily capture travel and business expenses in any country which are in turn automatically converted back to their home currency when it is time to make a claim.”

With exponential BlackBerry subscriber growth in Asia Pacific expected within the next five years, Exgis® Expense will be positioned at the leading edge with this expansion.

Exgis showcases BlackBerry Expense solution at Wireless Enterprise Symposium

May 10, 2007

The Wireless Enterprise Symposium is the key yearly conference dedicated to BlackBerry. Hosted by Research in Motion and held in Orlando, Florida May 8-10, 2007, it is the must attend event for BlackBerry customers, partners, and enthusiasts.

Exgis® was pleased to be involved in this year’s symposium, and in keeping with the conference theme of “Beyond Email”, was able to demonstrate the Exgis Expense solution for the BlackBerry smartphone... thus extending the functionality of BlackBerry into a business productivity tool.

The Exgis Expense mobile edition for BlackBerry is a rich-client application that resides on your BlackBerry – allowing you to work when you are in or out of radio coverage – in the office, airplane, train, or subway.

With Exgis Expense, expand the power of your BlackBerry beyond email and manage your business expenses in real-time when and where they happen.

For more information on the Wireless Enterprise Symposium visit www.wirelessenterprisesymposium.com.

Exgis Expense now available on your BlackBerry!

February 28, 2007

Exgis Inc. today announced the release of their BlackBerry® edition for mobile expense capture. Now users of the Exgis® Expense system can use their BlackBerry smartphone to log their business and travel expenses as soon as they are incurred. Since the Exgis Expense BlackBerry edition is a “rich-client” that resides directly on the BlackBerry, expenses can be logged in or out of network coverage – in a taxi, elevator, restaurant, or even on an airplane.

Exgis Expense is a web-based tool that provides you with a simple, fast, reliable, secure, and affordable method to enter your expenses. With no hardware to manage or software to install, you can start tracking your expenses immediately.

Built on a world-class infrastructure and delivered on the Internet, Exgis Expense provides you true on-demand software - and the ability to truly track, share, and report on your expense information easily and simply.

The BlackBerry edition delivers the freedom to extend the Exgis Expense solution to a BlackBerry mobile device – delivering on the promise of anytime, anywhere access.

With Exgis Expense, you can break free from the paper trail from traditional expense reporting, streamline your back office systems, and immediately improve your ROI in your mobile technology investment.

To receive a free trial of Exgis Expense on your BlackBerry, visit www.exgis.com/freetrial.



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